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Start posting about the challenges that you're having with your business! We're here to help, if you have any direct questions for the makers of this community, you can contact In the meantime, post your thoughts, articles, and questions. 

The main 2 points we want to community is that:

  1.  Any form of spam, and/or harassment will not be tolerated, and will lead to being banned. 
  2. While you can't directly promote yourself via ads, you are permitted to post articles to your website (or another website) that provides helpful content and guidance. For instance, check out our article on 3 Must-Do Tasks to Create a Profitable Small Business. You could post something similar to your website. 
  3. Please be respectful of each other and of the staff, this is not a place for negative energy. 
  4. DO make the most of the community. 

Blessings for Growth,

-SMBmeet Team

Tom commented 2 years ago

getting consistent clients for my bakery / personalized cakes business